Insurance Pricing 4.0

Build Superior Pricing Models 10x Faster

By leveraging sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms, our cloud platform delivers state-of-the-art pricing models with the same transparency and flexibility as rating tables. The platform streamlines data preparation, analysis, and model fitting reducing the model development time from months to hours.

Decrease your time to market

Knock down barriers, and work better together

How we streamline your ratemaking cycle

Your models can grow in complexity, but your process doesn't have to

Automate the mundane

Our platform automates processes such as variable binning and selection allowing your time to be better spent evaluating the model output. You have control over what can be automated and in what fashion.

Advanced algorithms

At the core of our platform is an advanced algorithm which allows us to fit more accurate models while maintaining the transparency and flexibility of GLM's.

Iterate faster than ever before

You can fit multiple models at once using bigger data sets than before. With pre-built visualisations, our platform performs analysis for every step of the process enabling you to spot outliers, uncover trends and derive insights faster.

Easy model exports

Export your models in various formats enabling easy integration with your current rating engine. You can export your models to Excel, JSON or PMML.

Move fast and track changes

Every model and its associated changes are stored and tracked within our platform. The latest model version with its complete history is accessible to the team online, eliminating the need for file sharing and versioning.

Edit your model outputs

Adjust and smooth any outputs from your chosen models to reflect domain knowledge or to adhere to regulatory requirements. Quantify the impact of these changes on your model's performance.

How we help you derive maximum benefit

Life is too short to struggle unnecessarily

Free, hands-on onboarding

We know how hard it can be to learn new software. That’s why we provide hands -on support through introductory sessions with you and your team. We will assist you in getting maximum value in the shortest amount of time.

Feedback welcome

We love your feedback! It helps us to better understand the unique problems you are facing and how we can help you solve them.

Fast support you can rely on

We know that your time is a valuable resource. We are here to help you whatever the question. We won't rest until your questions are answered.